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What is the most important reason for the success of today' biggest Travel Companies? Among many answers, you will agree that these companies have an advantage over you with their reach to the potential customers. This reach is made possible by the technology investments. Now, with TourStud, you can offord the same advanced technology services and grow your business many fold! TourStud provides services for your Branding, Operations, Marketing and Finances!


We are here to transform small and medium sized travel businesses in to digital travel eco-system and help them compete and thrive in an era of dominated by technology driven big companies


We provide an entire suite of services to fully automate your office and are carefully integrated to give you the maximum effect on your profitability. We offer our advanced technology services on a pay-per use model. You pay only for what you use.NO SETUP FEE.

Integrated Solutions

Send out acknowledgements of payments, reminders for appointments, alerts to clients, lead and booking assignments to staff.

Minimize Dependency

We have built our solutions with the objective of making you independent. You can update your Web portal, Itineraries, Prices, Departures, Past Tour pictures and host of other information yourself.

Be Independent

No need to send the itinerary to a third party person and wait for him to update the website. Never be afraid of putting out your competitive prices, for lack of ability to change it quickly, if needed.