We transform travel businesses by digitizing their interactions with customers and suppliers to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and increase partner connectivity!

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Huge opportunities in Holiday Services Industry!

Outbound travelers from India is poised to grow to 5 crore passengers in 2020 and will be worth Rs. 1,86,000 Crores ($28 Billion).

How much will you GROW in 2 years?

TourStud provides effective solutions for your GROWTH!


Indian inbound travelers is poised to grow from 88 Lakh passengers in 2017 at healthy rate of 9.7% per year.

What are your current CHALLENGES?

TourStud provides effective solutions for your GROWTH!


Indian domestic travelers is poised to grow from 160 crore passengers in 2017 at a healthy rate of 12.7 %

How will you OVERCOME the challenges?

TourStud provides effective solutions for your GROWTH!


TourStud® Platform

What is the most important reason for the success of today' biggest Travel Companies?
Among many answers, you will agree that these companies have an advantage over you with their reach to the potential customers. This reach is made possible by the technology investments.
Now, with TourStud, you can afford the same advanced technology services and grow your business many fold! TourStud provides services for your Branding, Operations, Marketing and Finances


We are here to transform small and medium sized travel businesses in to digital travel ecosystem and help them compete and thrive in an era dominated by technology driven big companies


We provide an entire suite of services to fully automate your office and are carefully integrated to give you the maximum effect on your profitability. We offer our advanced technology services on a pay-per use model. You pay only for what you use. NO SETUP FEE.

Integrated Solutions

Send out acknowledgement of payments, reminders for appointments, alerts to clients, lead and booking assignments to staff, marketing emails to prospects etc. All from one place, one software and one bill!

Minimize Dependency

We have built our solutions with the objective of making you independent. You can update your Web portal, Itineraries, Prices, Departures, Past Tour pictures and host of other information yourself.

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Benefits for You

You can Improve your Branding, Control your Operations, Increase your Marketing and have your Finances at your tips. Peace of Mind is included.

Get Mobile Friendly Travel Portal

Your own, personalized, mobile optimized Travel and Tour booking website. Display your domestic and international products, prices, itinerary, past tour pictures and more..

Provide for online bookings

Increase your sales. Cater to the young generation who wants information 24/7. Accept online payments upon booking through CCAvenue.

Earn more from your leads

Stop losing leads. Convert more leads. Earn more from your customers. Provide better service.

Multiple locations

Expand your Business by setting up your own agencies across the globe and provide access to them to book on your site. Setup Franchise and have full control over billing and customer interaction.

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Benefits for your Customer

Electronic engagement of customers on par with big travel companies. Online booking, Portal to get all the information needed 24/7. Peace of Mind!

Book Online any time

Clients can view your products, itineraries and make bookings online using any device, anywhere and at any time.

Self Service Portal

Provide access to your own online portal for customers to check the latest itinerary, their bookings, receipts etc.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications of Payments!

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Customise your own site

We are so excited about our template. It's really easy to create your products, build your itineraries and update other things on your website.


Your website works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.


You can easily read, edit, and write your own product descriptions, or change everything.

UI Kit

No Design Skills needed!. Get a great looking website!

Image Library

Add photos of customers, staff and products and maintain an online image library.

Marketing Templates

Build your own professional marketing campaign in less than 60 seconds.


When you purchase our service, you'll get unlimited email and phone support.